Top 3 Apps for Mobile Users


If you are looking for some of the must-have apps for your mobile, then you are in the right place. The first app that we think every mobile user should have is Instagram. Of course, most of you have already heard about this app because it is extremely popular. Instagram is a social media platform that is designed especially for mobile phones. The idea behind this app is to allow people to share their moments from life by sharing pictures on their profile.  This works just like any other social media app, you create your own personal account and you have a couple of options available.


The most important option is to gain followers because this is a base of people that will see the posts that you have shared. If you want to gain any likes or comments on your pictures, then you must do something to attract new followers. Once you start using Instagram, you will understand why it is so popular nowadays, especially with the newer generation.


The next must-have app on our list is called Shazam. This app is not so popular as Instagram because it is not a social media platform, in fact, it has nothing to do with sharing your experiences or talking with other people. Shazam is an app specially designed for only one purpose, but that purpose is very important and unique. Most likely, you have been in a situation where you hear a song that you like, but you don’t know the name of it and you will never be able to find it.

Well, Shazam is an app designed to fix this issue by giving you the chance to scan the song and find out exactly what song it is. You will not only get the name of the artist and the song, you will also get a direct link to the YouTube clip of that song, so you can immediately listen to it again. This app is completely free, so you don’t have to worry about paying anything and it is surprisingly fast. You only need an internet connection and a song to play for at least 5s. Of course, if you want the best result, then get closer to the speaker in order to cancel other noises around in the room that might interfere.


The final app that we cannot leave out is the most popular one and it needs no introduction YouTube. Well, we are sure that you have heard and used YouTube in the past, but not everyone knows that now you have a YouTube app that allows you to watch videos from your mobile phone. This means that you don’t need to on your computer just to watch a tutorial or one of your favorite YouTubers, now you can do it easily from your mobile. Just as all the previous apps that we have on this list, YouTube is also a completely free to use. All you have to do is download it from the app store and you can start using it.

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