Essential Hardware and Software for Working on the Go

Modern technology has never been a bigger part of our day-to-day lives than it is now. With so many software and hardware becoming essential in our traveling routines it’s hard to leave the house without at least bringing the bare minimum with you. However, when you are living the fast-paced life, you need to have some essential knowledge about what kind of hardware and software you should be bringing with yourself.
Let’s first start with the hardware. This list can be huge, but we will keep it short and straightforward as we consider only these things to be essential for the people that travel a lot in their lives.

A portable USB battery charger

It is going to save your life one day! Believe us we can’t recall how many times we made use of a gadget as simple as this. Imagine you are having fun exploring the wild, but once it’s time to go back home, your battery on your phone dies. If your phone was your main GPS system, then you may end up in big trouble, that’s if you don’t have a portable USB battery charger. Having this simple tool will charge your phone, your tablet, and any other device that supports a USB cable. Depending on the size of the battery in the charger you will either be able to charge several of your devices or just one. However, owning even the smallest and cheapest can make a difference in your traveling experience.

portable charger


The smartphone has become an essential tool in our lives, but even though they have become bigger almost every year, they are still not big enough for many tasks especially for business people. Checking your e-mails and watching movies can be done on your phone, but you risk damaging your eyesight if you squirm your eyes constantly to read the little letters. The tablets, and travel monitors, are much bigger and provide the same functionality as a phone, only bigger and better. They are also amazing for keeping your young ones entertained during long trips, as all you need to do is have a few games installed on them, or a movie playing on it, and it will keep them occupied for hours.


Many people consider this to be a luxury and not an essential tool. We have a different opinion. While we can agree that the smartwatch still has a lot of room for improvement and that we hope that in the future we might see more features implemented in the smartwatches, we still consider that the smartwatches of today have many useful features to look out for. For people that enjoy running and counting their miles and calories, the smartwatch offers an app that lets you monitor all of those things and more. Plus, if you want to answer your calls on the go, messages, or even to navigate around using a GPS app, the smartwatch has you covered.


Touch screen laptops

Buying separate travel monitors is fine, but you need to be able to hook it up to something, that’s where the laptops come into play, and the best kind of laptops are the touchscreen laptops.
There are many laptops with plenty of useful features, and some are made for gaming, while others are made to cater to the business needs of its users. The fact of the matter is that every laptop is portable and that’s is its core feature. However, while you are on-the-go a laptop with a touchscreen can be a game changer for users that heavily rely on using their laptops. The Microsoft surface pro, Asus Zen book, or Samsung Chromebook are just some of the brands we can name, but the market is so vast, everyone can find exactly what they want within their budget.

Now let’s talk a bit about the essential software that everyone that travels a lot should have on their devices.

GPS apps

While we won’t be naming any specific apps, as everyone has their preferences having a quality GPS app is a must. While we all need to travel many people don’t know how to get to their destination, and this is precisely why the GPS apps are essential for travel.

Free call and massaging apps

Another fantastic feature that we think is an essential part of our traveling lives is the free chat/call apps. It all boils down to the preference of the user, whether it be Viber, Skype, WhatsApp or some other app, but having at least one of them is going to save you tons of money on calls and messages if you are abroad or traveling to areas where your phone might not be working.

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