5 Best Mobile Apps for Pet Lovers and Puppy Parents in 2018

Keeping a pet is one of the most challenging tasks, but also one that brings us immense joy. In most cases, we consider pets as part of our family, and since they rely on us, we have to dedicate them a lot of time. Therefore, pets have the power to teach us to be compassionate, to love and to protect the innocent; they are an excellent addition to a family and kids love them.

These days, pest and apps have something in common, they tend to make our life better. With the progress of technology, now we can track their progress, movement, location, and diet. So, it shouldn’t surprise us the number of apps in the market that target pet owners and the vast majority of them is designed by pet owners. They comprehend this matter in the best possible way and make amazing applications, which can facilitate our lives. If you don’t know which apps to download or purchase, then we have a couple of suggestions for you. We believe that the following apps will change the way we think about pets.


Many pet owners often have troubles finding pet-friendly places, but don’t worry, BarkHappy is here to help you. This is a free, location-based social app, which enables you to connect with nearby pet parents and set up playdates. You also have an opportunity to research excellent bars, restaurants, hotels, and parks that allow pets. BarkHappy is a great place to meet some interesting people and share your opinions.This app is very beneficial for people who are young pet parents and are still trying to get the ropes. You will gain valuable insight on how to treat your animals and make them happy, as much as they make you.

Dog Monitor

If you have long working hours and you often leave your pet alone, then you want to track his activities and make sure he’s safe. Dog Monitor allows you to stream live video and keep an eye on their every move. Some pets suffer from separation anxiety, but this app has a solution for everyone. There is 2-way audio so that you can talk to your pets. So, when they are barking or howling you can soothe them or use verbal commands to calm them.


The whistle is a perfect monitoring kit for your pets. The combination of GPS collar and an accompanying app has been a lifesaver for many pet parents. But, how does this work? Basically, you attach the Whistle GPS pet tracker to your pet’s collar, pair the device with an app and track your pet’s daily activity on your phone. Every time they leave a home area, you will get a notification and locate them immediately when they get lost. There are a lot of apps that work on the same principle. Some Invisible dog fences even have advanced mobile apps (check the top ones of woofdog.org) that allow you to monitor your pet, and it’s location from anywhere.


All pets like to roam around and be free. They appreciate their independence very much, and Rover can quickly become one of your favorite apps for pet walking, sitting, daycare and drop-in visits. This app helps you find care providers, set up a meeting with them and get on with your life, knowing your pet is cared for. You can even pay for their service through the app, so you don’t have to bother with cash or bank wire. Many pet owners are accustomed to the Rover because they know their pet is safe.


We live in an age of social media, and you often see pictures of pets on Instagram and Facebook. You can spend house on the internet browsing beautiful pictures, and when we try to take a photo of our pet, they aren’t always the most photogenic subjects. They never stay still and simply refuse to look at the camera. But, the PetSnap is your answer to the most adorable pictures every time. The app features 32 different sounds that attract your pet’s attention. In this case, they will be focused on every photo.

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